The project was conceived as an installation and was first shown at Norwich University of the Arts in the UK. The images were projected at a large scale in an enclosed space with amplified sound, creating an immersive experience for the viewer. The booklet containing a Short Essay On Surveillance was written to accompany the work.  

5 thoughts on “WAKE UP : LOG ON

  1. Hi Bass, very well done, it’s thought provoking and even as i communicate to you I am potentially under surveilance. I like the quote “a person under surveilanace is no longer free a society under surveilance is no longer a democracy”


  2. Really nice use of animation and music, voices and sound…I wonder if the old school computer screen makes any sense to the under 40’s! Hope you keep on making this stuff!


  3. Hi Bass, loved the animation – cleverly composed, as was the use of key vocal contribution and music. All very engaging and refreshing. Made me want to see more… really hope there will be… Really great stuff – well done!


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